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Excuse me and my unruly blog but in my life I never thought I would see the headline RASTA KEEPS SOUNDCLASH IN GAY CLUB and worst me a write the headline. The curtain has fallen and thats that I don’t know what happened last night at UK rumble more than Platinum Cartel win and in my opinion and I have always said they deserved to win it because they were the only sound who deserved to be in the clash because of their work over the past year as opposed to their friendship to Chin.

I hope the so called big sounds like Classique, 4×4 XTC, Immortal can shrug off the embarrassment and stigma attached to not only losing a clash but losing one in a gay club I would just like to add I am not homophobic I just have an opinion. Platinum Cartel you are officially the king fish for England having won your trophy in a fish bar I believe you deserve that title.

The people of the UK have spoken wheter knowingly or unknowingly they came out and supported their sounds and the business which is a good thing however the fact that the event was held in fish bar means the means did not justify the ends. Rasta man with locks not suppose to inna certain things look at the video below all BOBO dread in deh !! never mind Chin.

History clash for the wrong reasons big up all who have them principle and moral in this world where the normal is to say gay and not batty man its hard to follow your moral compass and not the masses on social media especially when you have people posing as Rasta a lead you to corruption.

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Written by Real Scarface

I am the owner and founder of Playmaker sound

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